Sport Texts Classification Challenge

Guess the sport discipline for a Polish article.

Possible disciplines: pilka-nozna, siatkowka, sporty-walki, pilka-reczna, koszykowka, tenis, moto, zimowe. Evaluation metric is Accuracy.

Directory structure

  • — this file
  • config.txt — configuration file
  • train/ — directory with training data
  • train/train.tsv — sample train set
  • dev-0/ — directory with dev (test) data
  • dev-0/in.tsv — input data for the dev set
  • dev-0/expected.tsv — expected (reference) data for the dev set
  • test-A — directory with test data
  • test-A/in.tsv — input data for the test set
  • test-A/expected.tsv — expected (reference) data for the test set