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Challenging America year prediction
2021-08-27 09:01:27.447983 UTC
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# input expected output actual output test-A RMSE
1 ae8b15df814fb9a83a3715d4cbb09ce3 confutation, and would be a d rollg re-\nfource in any event, yet the circumltances\nof our national affair… 1800.042465721715 1891.5553545506166 91.51
2 5cd4c1cc0e02dde89b718b4ddb4be28b paid, and armed at the expence of the en-\nemy’s country, and the following articles\nrequired from the occ… 1815.719178050482 1891.5553545506166 75.84
3 5b54ce0a81feacaaf95af4f44822b588 fore, T shall receive the indulgence of the\nHouse for a few moments—while, according\nto the usual practic… 1815.727397228564 1891.5553545506166 75.83
4 baf6cd7127b1507277bee24f17c4b93f I crgues, for that of tlie Aveyron ; youiu\n! Bartkelcmy, for that of the mouths of the\nRhone ; General Du… 1815.7383561326737 1891.5553545506166 75.82
5 ec6cbe0f1fcf729906f301ef9c15eafb Young Ladivs, in all the useful and ornamental branches of\nEducation. In opening this iietitu'Jon it is he… 1815.746575310756 1891.5553545506166 75.81
6 5a945ecaa7b5bd7b6798bd8cc44e6f4d To the Disbanded Officers oftfie .7r:ny.\nA Fellow-Soldier, who lias fought and bled with\nmany of you, and… 1815.7575342148655 1891.5553545506166 75.80
7 608d48828894e1823e19e123333c0446 existing ministry was organized by Talley-\nrand, but it should be considered as only\ntemporary, anil dict… 1815.7767122970574 1891.5553545506166 75.78
8 d7373db9f384b82b854c48406dd5f73d teract. On the conti ary, those principles\nhare become every where more prevalent.\nRussia, in receiving t… 1815.7849314751395 1891.5553545506166 75.77
9 0687761eaf862514d0e09939af9cec8b Mr. Viotti began by reading the fiic3 of\nthe first proceedings, which contained a-\nmong other documents, … 1815.7958903792492 1891.5553545506166 75.76
10 ba5001b386a9088dbd54fc7016bf804b the poorest, and to them also with a very moderate\nassistance trrxn their happier brethren ; by which\nthe… 1815.8041095573312 1891.5553545506166 75.75
11 28c29e82b62b65212d020e25b3780a61 for each a law to pass ; but, after vriiat we\nhave seen, l do not prencunce it to be im-\npossible. At anv… 1815.815068461441 1891.5553545506166 75.74
12 9018922574174402399fc3bfe511546c The London papers recently received,\ncontain dispat'lies from the East Indies,\ndetailing the operations o… 1815.8232876395232 1891.5553545506166 75.73
13 70953ff102b0ef828f7689bfd4c2055c This crouded ity loses its former dis-\ntinctive traits of faces, manners, &c. &c —\namong the innumerable … 1815.8342465436326 1891.5553545506166 75.72
14 842f830c0027f2d86fd7bb76523f3a48 At the capture ot York, the cap tal of\nUpper Canada, on the 27th of April, 1813 ,\nthe force of the enemy … 1815.842465721715 1891.5553545506166 75.71
15 8f19f3ec91300bae985edace39fe52aa SIRE—The expose which I had the ho-\nnor to submit, on the 3 2th cf the month of\nApril, (c) to your majest… 1815.8616438039066 1891.5553545506166 75.69
16 e1e0ebe10d7b8efac0d0dc2dfca96418 pounds. He has been accustomed to travelling, and\nis well acquainted in the stale of Virginia us far ns\nA… 1815.891780790208 1891.5553545506166 75.66
17 48339751a41768049ac2be96375aecf8 ighing alajut one hundred and thirty-two or three\np uutls. He has been accustomed t<> travelling, and\nis … 1815.89999996829 1891.5553545506166 75.66
18 f3e6256e2700f012d2ca14f5f2601f96 foil p< roups liis life, was an instance of fully and in-\ngratitude, that sooner or later, would rouse a s… 1815.9109588723998 1891.5553545506166 75.64
19 404488ee167b8d3cd84c9bdc9b405959 hoped, will be improved into liberal ar-\nrangements on other subjects, on whi. h the\nparties have rr.ntua… 1815.932876680619 1891.5553545506166 75.62
20 ec3760bd8d3510e8d15eb861806b9c2a Kail IF. Subscriber, wishing to decline the Coal hu-\nl sinevs, will, on Saturday the 9th day of next\nmont… 1815.9383561326738 1891.5553545506166 75.62
21 9e3ecae147709b73012ff22e026010ac Mr. Wright said, there was another\nvery important subject adverted to by the\nPresident which was not embr… 1815.9465753107559 1891.5553545506166 75.61
22 1e91f4ae487ad4d80a10bc1d9968fa08 FJUIE tract of land on which I reside, in the coim-\nj| ty of Cumberland, containing one thousand a*\nerrs—… 1815.9575342148655 1891.5553545506166 75.60
23 1ca0684306634c75ac113b942f42296c Any reduction ot the capital stock, by unvvar-\nrn11table dividends, may perhaps he considered ns a\nb.eacl… 1815.9657533929478 1891.5553545506166 75.59
24 9cee2a936aaeb6529135932e4c8951b2 the twenty-fourth day ol January, lBlti, in conformity with\nthe provisions of an Act of Assembly, pava-d t… 1815.987671201167 1891.5553545506166 75.57
25 7788912e2fc259d7b896fa87f9ea75c0 Commissaries, who usurped the title and\npowers of ministers, organic 1 a magistracy\nand an armed force, e… 1815.9958903792492 1891.5553545506166 75.56
26 81d9678158d4f83a6cca43727fc7a923 I his cause was tiiis day heard, hv consent of the\nparties, ttprci the bill, answers a*>d exhibits, and\nw… 1816.0095628099068 1891.5553545506166 75.55
27 a70902827f7eafc43a46d94f0083d60f onment of Napoleon has th-n probably\nbrought none ot its expected consolations.\nVyhen it is too late.it r… 1816.0150272907813 1891.5553545506166 75.54
28 5472f8212e32ec98a5da8500fe0aef81 ooa.a Win i lilO 1'UML.IU LiAJM)\nMr. Jennings roue and observed, that he\nwished to c.dl the attention of … 1816.0232240120927 1891.5553545506166 75.53
29 2a16f973853f48cc08defbc1b46a7384 You will have perceived that our As-\nsembly, [at the late session] have made a\nsm 11 gia t, say S-10,000,… 1816.028688492967 1891.5553545506166 75.53
30 93e0f2759bc1341045cf6966750f783f In n gov rnment like oiii-s, where its existence is\ndejn-tid- ton iuul (lerivkltle from, the purity, virtu… 1816.0341529738414 1891.5553545506166 75.52
31 23a7409f17bc10f8a20338332232367c strength. It and its outworks w’crc oc-\ncupied by two flank compuni -s oi his ma-\njesty’s 53d, and severa… 1816.0423496951528 1891.5553545506166 75.51
32 5c2a8d23aa66a06f1d5a1596f94409cc Yet on the part of the people of Louisiana,\nwhose inter- sts are thus uftectcd, lie felt no hesita-\ntion … 1816.047814176027 1891.5553545506166 75.51
33 77b87fb4197fe62a3b1abd548198ae7a any member of their own family, shall, if they\ninsist upon it, be credite I by the amount of their\nsubscr… 1816.0532786569015 1891.5553545506166 75.50
34 fed2c3392d9212e82704712ba6084c18 bhor;e would tide no longer, dey put* Yankee\nnhon on pefore anti l)om Shefier/un peliind him\nanil de hors… 1816.061475378213 1891.5553545506166 75.49
35 2bd67e26e8178721b2dd450a08431900 action acquit es a new force, when the o-\npinion of the people is strength ne l by the\nargument of many o… 1816.0669398590871 1891.5553545506166 75.49
36 6da5e222f63e253afeb92b326d9a578d I N pursmu'-p of a Deed of Trust from\nlloix rt Catnpla-ll am! wife to me dated the first of Jan-\nuary, 1R… 1816.0724043399616 1891.5553545506166 75.48
37 7da49b808a30f0541d3f24af098bc934 hmvlretl acres, by survey, daotl tin* twenty third day ol'Oe-\ntolvr, 17*>8, grantid lx lies comntouvvealth… 1816.080601061273 1891.5553545506166 75.47
38 59ccf0b6122db440c738ecac1bf3b946 thing in the laws nr constitution to the con-\ntrary notwithstanding. This article inert—\nly declares the … 1816.0860655421473 1891.5553545506166 75.47
39 888545a00bf2eafc541377cb3cd14d6e circumstance? Was not this a rule, so\nnecessary for the impose ofstat- s , fully ac-\nknowledged and cor t… 1816.0915300230217 1891.5553545506166 75.46
40 54e85d6994c31dc549a7898bb6d2f559 other r *squrrc than a reliance upon the\ng neiosity of your allies and our enemies.\nHave you then forgott… 1816.099726744333 1891.5553545506166 75.46

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