nn, vocab_size: 1500, embed_size: 200, batch_size: 5000, epoch:1, hl, l_ctx, r_ctx = 10 neural-network


Challenging America word-gap prediction
2023-05-30 12:04:29.286633 UTC
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batch_size 5000
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vocab_size 15000

test-A / 8cce9c4c6f7be722e31dc0368a646328b00ebf1d
Metric Score
PerplexityHashed 143.54

dev-0 / c44f6d75b52906d46daeb24f79f44940b1f847a2
Metric Score
PerplexityHashed 130.41

worst items

note: the gold standard is taken from the submission itself, not from the challenge data!
# input expected output actual output test-A PerplexityHashed
1 f1479cb9a6256b326867f7c18fb195e5 EVENING CAPITAL ChronAm 1923.3849314751394 38.97864 -76.492786 room dwelling. Numbered . ".5 and 37. wltl\n… o on:0.9243 in:0.0446 ou:0.0063 In:0.0035 along:0.0034 at:0.0032 from:0.0026 to:0.0023 upon:0.0021 oa:0.0018 and:0.0012 On:0.0011 by:0.0008 un… 2558976.00
2 337fe30b62e352ab9f11f319f7dbe684 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1820.9275955967921 37.538509 -77.43428 mid -aid, Mia! before Counsel was ca'led 1… therefore, that:0.9826 tbat:0.0036 if:0.0017 how:0.0017 thai:0.0012 when:0.0009 thal:0.0007 it:0.0004 what:0.0004 as:0.0004 thut:0.0003 why:0.0003 howe… 930164.36
3 327c1f738994b34c965467662851edfa COURIER DEMOCRAT ChronAm 1910.5712328450024 48.76059 -98.367824 In the Matter of the Estate of Bertha Overb… doorof of:0.9523 ot:0.0171 door:0.0067 on:0.0032 at:0.0028 in:0.0028 and:0.0023 ol:0.0020 by:0.0013 to:0.0012 oi:0.0007 cf:0.0007 from:0.0005 that:… 852565.33
4 c23e0b1d0ce15db1d62271289c0d82aa RAFTSMAN'S JOURNAL ChronAm 1864.4549180011638 41.02728 -78.439188 machine, and six small houses erected the… de- de:0.9970 :0.0015 dec:0.0001 half:0.0001 deg:0.0001 foot:0.0001 per:0.0001 and:0.0000 one:0.0000 s:0.0000 E:0.0000 di:0.0000 said:0.0000 W:0… 681984.00
5 07e679bf097f195dc2c8bb27d7ad44a5 LOS ANGELES HERALD ChronAm 1891.3575342148656 34.054935 -118.244476 The regular Saturday evening hop\nwas w… Mrs. Mrs:0.9825 Miss:0.0051 Mra:0.0037 Mr:0.0030 :0.0023 Dr:0.0005 wife:0.0004 Mis:0.0003 Rev:0.0003 Prof:0.0001 Capt:0.0001 daughter:0.0001 Geor… 444727.65
6 32510d2ec2b19ad0b20ad16ee28b17b0 THE EMPIRE COUNTY ARGUS ChronAm 1856.8346994219287 38.799901 -120.890216 Messrs. Editors :—One more week wi… Demo- Demo:0.6824 demo:0.3136 :0.0024 United:0.0002 Republican:0.0001 whole:0.0001 law:0.0001 Democratic:0.0001 present:0.0001 same:0.0000 other:0… 426282.67
7 f19d6c8f0f32f2992a4b095851dbf57a THE STAR OF THE NORTH ChronAm 1864.5122950503442 41.004121 -76.453816 "Sec. 8 . No Bill shall be passed by … fb shall:0.6091 to:0.2652 may:0.0376 should:0.0241 will:0.0160 must:0.0120 and:0.0056 would:0.0054 can:0.0020 cannot:0.0018 nor:0.0015 lo:0.001… 284188.44
8 39af98b820588dbe5193186eb3ab1031 CLARKSVILLE CHRONICLE ChronAm 1872.4549180011638 36.527761 -87.35887 CniitlldiUcs for oii(trr8.\niV sucires… ex- im:0.6834 ex:0.0988 op:0.0636 sup:0.0451 Im:0.0199 re:0.0174 con:0.0151 ap:0.0097 de:0.0088 dis:0.0061 pro:0.0052 com:0.0050 pur:0.0028 ser:… 276563.03
9 14b8cb9a6a47bd51d7434da5e1f0ac2d ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ChronAm 1907.9712328450025 33.448587 -112.077346 Washington, Dec. 20. Telegrams on\nwhic… forthwith no:0.8130 a:0.0680 any:0.0154 not:0.0145 the:0.0143 nothing:0.0112 still:0.0102 some:0.0094 it:0.0065 little:0.0051 an:0.0047 much:0.0041 su… 222519.65
10 436b5cf9cb503db111fb80182402d332 RAFTSMAN'S JOURNAL ChronAm 1855.9849314751395 41.02728 -78.439188 facts, as developed by the evidence were,… "would would:0.5900 could:0.1514 might:0.0745 should:0.0682 will:0.0228 must:0.0196 shall:0.0130 may:0.0120 didnt:0.0087 can:0.0051 couldnt:0.0046 … 170496.00
11 c954306d673d88d08987736c007f2dd6 THE WYANDOT PIONEER ChronAm 1868.5396174547157 40.827279 -83.281309 warrant in the Constitution, and if\nsa… of. of:0.8058 to:0.1012 for:0.0166 that:0.0122 ot:0.0103 by:0.0078 at:0.0059 and:0.0050 with:0.0033 as:0.0030 from:0.0021 in:0.0018 :0.0070 ol:0… 146183.31
12 103fd7a0ef11be26bd809719e86692a7 THE DICKINSON PRESS ChronAm 1913.1246575025368 46.879176 -102.789624 Notice is hereby given that that certa… sale. sale:0.8400 March:0.0219 April:0.0155 June:0.0149 December:0.0129 November:0.0125 July:0.0112 May:0.0104 February:0.0100 August:0.0088 Janua… 144109.97
13 0c2196a34e9901dfbe5ad9259263bc2f ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ChronAm 1912.7117486022566 33.448587 -112.077346 3. That a cement concrete curb be\nbuil… par- par:0.9717 and:0.0043 The:0.0030 the:0.0025 :0.0072 of:0.0014 a:0.0012 substantial:0.0010 in:0.0005 or:0.0005 for:0.0005 No:0.0004 A:0.0003 … 142080.00
14 607b99895f3593172d93044ff219c248 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1817.1904109271943 37.538509 -77.43428 The power to regulate commerce a-\nmongthe… “common of:0.9010 and:0.0198 ot:0.0148 for:0.0108 in:0.0105 or:0.0043 ol:0.0042 on:0.0037 In:0.0028 to:0.0024 by:0.0017 :0.0073 which:0.0011 upon:0.… 140259.95
15 0232b56b76d6643716be358274b00b6f THE HOPE PIONEER ChronAm 1893.9164383244547 47.32221 -97.72232 '"®ty. and recorded as a Mortgage In the oll… iu., m:0.9324 M:0.0427 :0.0074 and:0.0035 in:0.0021 ni:0.0019 recorded:0.0011 i:0.0009 at:0.0007 p:0.0005 st:0.0004 on:0.0004 office:0.0003 publi… 138295.35
16 56e848d18fb70dba1c9028ad95768795 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1840.8401639028032 37.538509 -77.43428 could gelafler he was released, by calling… j the:0.8770 his:0.0358 tho:0.0211 a:0.0210 this:0.0105 any:0.0045 tbe:0.0029 :0.0081 their:0.0017 every:0.0016 that:0.0015 an:0.0012 in:0.000… 126356.54
17 36f3ce448336c5a72028b212a84adcf2 THE DICKINSON PRESS ChronAm 1912.3784152689234 46.879176 -102.789624 Section 6. The several members of\nthe… provided that:0.6331 by:0.1543 and:0.0485 of:0.0434 That:0.0230 in:0.0135 but:0.0086 within:0.0062 for:0.0048 as:0.0042 And:0.0041 if:0.0040 or:0.003… 119117.40
18 0e6841bc63dc4256a9c924c234cdcaeb EVENING CAPITAL ChronAm 1903.828767091578 38.97864 -76.492786 At St. Joseph’s Hospital.\nMr. P. B. Bowdoin,… neces- neces:0.9745 to:0.0032 :0.0093 at:0.0013 by:0.0013 from:0.0008 I:0.0007 we:0.0006 and:0.0005 that:0.0005 it:0.0005 in:0.0004 with:0.0004 a:0… 110019.44
19 0c33acb1574482069be379e7234fcc64 THE DICKINSON PRESS ChronAm 1904.8073770175572 46.879176 -102.789624 A CONFIDENTIAL, CHAT .\n"It's perfect … don't will:0.2668 to:0.1524 can:0.1318 would:0.1119 could:0.0650 must:0.0425 cannot:0.0246 and:0.0215 cant:0.0211 may:0.0208 dont:0.0177 couldnt:0… 108914.38
20 483b31c888630a6712df48fe6cee758d RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1831.2397259956874 37.538509 -77.43428 11. The said superior courts shall have th… y ty:0.9614 cil:0.0143 :0.0097 ties:0.0017 court:0.0009 Company:0.0009 States:0.0007 association:0.0007 Office:0.0007 Court:0.0006 district:0.… 105461.44
21 485641b3465827fe23d856a7d7a2ec9f RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1853.4890410641806 37.538509 -77.43428 gainst the remonstrances ol the colonists,… tu to:0.9174 will:0.0167 we:0.0119 they:0.0092 I:0.0082 :0.0098 may:0.0047 would:0.0024 lo:0.0017 can:0.0017 shall:0.0016 well:0.0013 a:0.0011 … 104374.86
22 02ddc3a213e07171a82cf2a479224f1b RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1836.7090163618195 37.538509 -77.43428 Lord Falmcrstnn observed, that if at th.e … lie the:0.8632 tho:0.0689 a:0.0129 this:0.0086 tbe:0.0063 :0.0100 tlie:0.0029 an:0.0024 our:0.0020 his:0.0017 tbo:0.0016 any:0.0012 thc:0.0012 T… 102451.20
23 02078c083ad81359022bfeb35b84a400 THE HOPE PIONEER ChronAm 1887.132876680619 47.32221 -97.72232 Default having been made in the payment of\nt… mort­ mort:0.9599 Mort:0.0175 :0.0100 ap:0.0019 en:0.0017 ing:0.0009 County:0.0006 Mortgage:0.0005 and:0.0005 mortgage:0.0004 de:0.0004 which:0.00… 102287.36
24 3ff22426092d3a6869b2bd48364ba5f2 RAFTSMAN'S JOURNAL ChronAm 1858.9356164066464 41.02728 -78.439188 aware that the earliest and the best frui… tages. tages:0.9244 tage:0.0612 :0.0101 that:0.0005 and:0.0004 says:0.0002 ment:0.0002 ments:0.0001 men:0.0001 of:0.0001 But:0.0001 but:0.0001 war:… 101213.78
25 3e9eb2473cebd9f0e4f87b791c40ccca THE DICKINSON PRESS ChronAm 1917.2835616121258 46.879176 -102.789624 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That\nunder aut… Quar­ quar:0.9410 Quarter:0.0167 quarter:0.0164 :0.0102 west:0.0023 cen:0.0023 east:0.0012 range:0.0008 Range:0.0008 ship:0.0008 north:0.0008 Nort… 100281.73
26 0d1b8ddad06011a0b37950aa64fae6a4 WATERBURY EVENING DEMOCRAT ChronAm 1903.7547944888381 41.558153 -73.051497 terbury Republican of last Tuesd… citi- citi:0.9835 :0.0111 and:0.0014 of:0.0008 ing:0.0004 for:0.0001 ton:0.0001 county:0.0001 state:0.0001 the:0.0001 in:0.0001 American:0.0001 on… 92123.10
27 d7ef84541fdaca435eac300545a72f13 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1835.064383529934 37.538509 -77.43428 py march. In our cities, on the contrary, w… in- in:0.4564 In:0.2094 of:0.1594 at:0.0452 for:0.0313 by:0.0282 and:0.0053 On:0.0043 Upon:0.0042 into:0.0040 on:0.0031 iu:0.0030 :0.0116 withou… 88302.34
28 6ef96aba724b96503f2677047b8b03f0 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1831.2452054477424 37.538509 -77.43428 I giver us pleasure to see that the Chari … can, will:0.3166 would:0.1992 to:0.1642 may:0.1034 must:0.0589 shall:0.0329 can:0.0290 should:0.0223 could:0.0084 might:0.0065 they:0.0053 is:0.0… 85410.13
29 083c7675467f0888c73e131cf5126a00 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1843.1904109271943 37.538509 -77.43428 of l.un ! i>. the county of Caroline, ii|x… siv one:0.2365 two:0.1603 five:0.1037 three:0.1030 eighteen:0.0501 six:0.0411 four:0.0280 seven:0.0242 eight:0.0205 several:0.0191 live:0.0187 a… 83268.68
30 2d5739b0fabcd810a292edde3beaa382 ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ChronAm 1917.160273940893 33.448587 -112.077346 With respect to the submarine situ-\nati… con- the:0.5144 con:0.1010 in:0.0856 sub:0.0807 a:0.0720 The:0.0167 tho:0.0158 on:0.0152 this:0.0146 In:0.0139 an:0.0069 ex:0.0064 sus:0.0040 re:… 78777.11
31 0ba3ca99842e04d54ea7df3d3133e753 CLARKSVILLE CHRONICLE ChronAm 1861.6424657217149 36.527761 -87.35887 supposed that imprisonment for debt hu… Mates, States:0.8381 Stales:0.0670 Slates:0.0507 State:0.0134 :0.0132 Kingdom:0.0045 states:0.0032 Statea:0.0026 Slate:0.0010 tates:0.0010 voters:0… 77474.91
32 0b3f1e51f2cf34a3e4c83384b5d193ae THE MEMPHIS APPEAL ChronAm 1887.0671232559614 35.149022 -90.051628 The Coahoma, from O.'ceoU.bronght\n14 ba… tt) to:0.5727 from:0.2778 in:0.0431 into:0.0114 the:0.0087 at:0.0083 In:0.0068 for:0.0068 near:0.0049 through:0.0042 with:0.0034 :0.0136 South:0… 75309.18
33 d0bfb818a1b00934cbb910b45812c3f3 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1846.905479420345 37.538509 -77.43428 Two lexers wer" read,dated S»-pt and Ociobe… Itoin in:0.3371 into:0.2540 to:0.1413 In:0.0386 Into:0.0260 by:0.0220 out:0.0160 up:0.0159 at:0.0146 on:0.0140 forth:0.0119 upon:0.0110 before:0.0… 72638.64
34 c6265546a6bcdae3066a4aa75e7f3778 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1819.856164351852 37.538509 -77.43428 II.at it shall lie exempted from the opera-… pretne preme:0.9634 perior:0.0140 :0.0141 trict:0.0019 circuit:0.0010 Moines:0.0006 est:0.0004 district:0.0004 county:0.0003 government:0.0003 supr… 72536.96
35 494648073f3e8d8b6a2581ae7d35e668 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1842.9493150367834 37.538509 -77.43428 Petitions were presented and referred:.By … lolhu to:0.4718 the:0.3643 The:0.0539 a:0.0316 :0.0144 as:0.0100 by:0.0077 tho:0.0073 tothe:0.0071 at:0.0046 for:0.0028 tbe:0.0024 from:0.0018 on:… 71089.78
36 0ea43f3c223e05fb297082d55de38f81 EVENING CAPITAL ChronAm 1907.7493150367834 38.97864 -76.492786 whose main industry is lace-making.\nHe is c… Metz's his:0.6806 the:0.1374 a:0.0862 bis:0.0173 :0.0152 their:0.0097 tho:0.0052 an:0.0046 your:0.0043 His:0.0036 this:0.0031 hi:0.0030 my:0.0028 e… 67354.95
37 1c972362a2fa51eec282bbf0d9c1b1db WATERBURY EVENING DEMOCRAT ChronAm 1893.7547944888381 41.558153 -73.051497 Jk Correspondent's Death.\nSligh… mibl to:0.3673 will:0.1324 would:0.0789 must:0.0787 could:0.0553 may:0.0383 should:0.0344 can:0.0301 cannot:0.0283 didnt:0.0275 couldnt:0.0217 mi… 66887.95
38 1b3e1c6d78857ba46898d7f983753875 RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1847.17397257103 37.538509 -77.43428 The Speech or Ma. Corwin, which will l>e\nfo… nearly by:0.7215 in:0.0391 for:0.0261 during:0.0237 bv:0.0218 to:0.0200 since:0.0164 at:0.0155 and:0.0109 of:0.0105 with:0.0072 In:0.0070 until:0.0… 66506.81
39 0569a2fac1a66a10cc2187167fcf28de RICHMOND ENQUIRER ChronAm 1848.717213083131 37.538509 -77.43428 "There is no difficulty in understanding tb… Columbia.this a:0.3971 the:0.3257 this:0.0906 his:0.0301 its:0.0240 Columbia:0.0184 that:0.0097 whose:0.0093 which:0.0088 our:0.0050 tho:0.0047 their:0.00… 64810.13
40 1f61d0be115721333a36e20b0f91f639 THE MINERS ChronAm 1852.3811475093605 42.500622 -90.664797 The people of L.wa demanded a new set of\nlaws, … od, ods:0.9676 :0.0162 and:0.0011 tion:0.0011 od:0.0009 together:0.0009 deal:0.0006 interfering:0.0005 is:0.0005 deals:0.0005 charged:0.0005 can… 63216.20

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