tag description
2-dimensional classifier or regression on two variables
algo non-trivial algorithm implemented
bernoulli Bernoulli (naive Bayes) model used
bigram bigrams considered
c++ written (partially or fully) in C++
cnn Convolutional Neural Network
crm-114 CRM-114 used
fasttext fasttext used
feature-engineering used more advanced pre-processing, feature engineering etc.
haskell written (partially or fully) in Haskell
java written (partially or fully) in Java
kenlm KenLM used
k-means k-means or its variant used
knn k nearest neighbors
linear-regression linear regression used
lisp written (partially or fully) in Lisp
lm a language model used
logistic-regression logistic regression used
mert MERT (or equivalent) for Moses
moses Moses MT
multidimensional classifier or regression on many variables
multinomial multinomial (naive Bayes) model used
naive-bayes Naive Bayes Classifier used
neural-network neural network used
n-grams n-grams used
null-model null model baseline
perl written (partially or fully) in Perl
python written (partially or fully) in Python 2/3
r written (partially or fully) in R
ready-made Machine Learning framework/library/toolkit used, algorithm was not implemented by the submitter
regexp handcrafted regular expressions used
rnn Recurrent Neural Network
ruby written (partially or fully) in Ruby
scikit-learn sci-kit learn used
self-made algorithm implemented by the submitter, no framework used
stupid simple, stupid rule-based solution
temporal temporal information taken into account
trigram trigrams considered
unigram only unigrams considered
vowpal-wabbit Vowpal Wabbit used
word2vec Word2Vec