Welcome to Gonito.net!

Gonito (pronounced ɡɔ̃ˈɲitɔ) is a open git-based platform for machine learning competitions.

What's so special about Gonito:
  • free & open-source (GPL), you can use it your own, in your company, at your university, etc. (git repo: git://gonito.net/gonito),
  • git-based (challenges and solutions are submitted only with git),
  • geval — a companion stand-alone tool for evaluation (git://gonito.net/geval),
  • special features for organizing classes in machine learning.


Guess publication location for a piece of text
Guess the time when an excerpt was published
Translate from Polish to English.
The aim of this task is to provide a substrings of requested document representing clauses analogous (semantically and formally equivalent) to provided examples from other documents.
Guess the publication year of a Polish text.
Give the probability that a text in Polish was written by a man.

… and many more!