Searching for Legal Clauses by Analogy. Few-shot Contract Discovery Shared Task

The aim of this task is to provide a substrings of requested document representing clauses analogous (semantically and formally equivalent) to provided examples from other documents. [ver. 1.0.0]

Git repo URL: git:// / Branch: master
Run git clone --single-branch git:// -b master to get the challenge data
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# submitter when ver. description test-A Soft-F1.0 ×
1 p/tlen 2019-11-11 08:29 1.0.0 Add chooser=Kbest-1 dim=250 distance=cosine-similarity model=transformer_edgar_5140 seed_agg=mean seed_agg_type=post segm=ngram1_6 trans=fICA [...] 0.51503 10

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